Digital & Mobile

Client: IESO
Agency: Rain43
Description: Conservation was facing a crisis in Ontario. People were no longer seeing monetary savings on their bills as electricity prices increased year over year, and they began quickly losing faith in conservation. To tackle this problem, the Independent Electricity System Operator asked for our help in relaunching their electricity conservation brand, Save on Energy.

We undertook a complete repositioning exercise that attempts to show Ontarians that there are many other benefits to conservation that they may not realize. Energy efficiency upgrades can improve comfort in the home, safety in the workplace, and much, much more. We rebranded Save on Energy and gave it a new tagline, Power What’s Next, to help bring the new positioning to life.

To relaunch the brand, we developed three thirty second spots that told the stories of Ontario businesses and families that saw unexpected benefits from energy conservation. We also brought their stories together in a manifesto-style sixty second spot. To complement the advertising campaign, we also developed a unique online hub called to encourage Ontarians to find out how they too can reap the unexpected benefits of energy conservation.

So far, the results have been fantastic, with positive public support for the new Save on Energy and norm-breaking campaign success metrics.

Client: Hyundai Canada
Agency: Innocean
Description: Guardian Angel Sonata Launch. To bring to life the safety positioning and the advanced active safety innovations of the 2015 Sonata while also dramatizing the reason for purchase, we created the perfect anti-spokesman: the slacker Guardian Angel who you just can’t count on to be there to save you. This allowed for a great deal of humour while simultaneously delivering a compelling safety message across multiple platforms and channels from TV to twitter to in-dealership events.

Client: Hyundai Canada
Agency: Innocean Canada
Media: Corporate Website Slider, Model Showroom Pages, Mobile Site, Tablet-Responsive Experience, Facebook Fan Page.

Client: Hyundai Canada
Agency: Innocean Canada
Media: Hyundai Hockey Helpers, Genesis Coupe, Tucson, Veloster Campaign Landing Pages

Client: OMA – Ontario Medical Association
Agency: Lowe Roche
May 1st is Doctor’s Day in Ontario. We gave patients the ability to demonstrate their appreciation by sharing a story on the OMA Doctor’s Day Wall about a doctor who has touched their lives. There’s also an option to simply type the doctor’s name and select 1 of 5 pre-populated messages for quick responses. The results were outstanding, hundreds of messages were populated within the first hour.


Client: Subaru Canada Inc.
Media: National Website, Mobile Site, YouTube Page, Facebook Fan Page,
Web Banners, E-blasts. Web Pages:
Winter Driving Challenge
2014 Forester Landing Page
Eyesight Landing Page
Safety Page

Digital Signage Screen:
Ads & Layout

Client: Acklands-Grainger
Agency: Area Communications
The Works 2012 Trade-show Conference branding (Superbowl themed) was created almost entirely digital. Instant gratification Prizes (sent through e-blasts, which needed to be claimed at the conference) were submitted to attendees. Attendees had the option of sharing the event for extra prizes, as well as the option to program event reminders into their smartphones. QR Code “Scan&Win” Display Boards were also positioned in branch locations, encouraging those involved to take a picutre of their best “mean game-face” behind a cut-out helmet, for a chance to win a Big Screen TV. The Result: Nearly double the attendees from the previous year!

Client: Surge Learning
Website refresh with conversion strategy